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What happens “behind the scenes”? At our very own Freshness Factory, we have a large variety of more than 2,500 high-quality products. Products that suit all occasions and a broad spectrum of gastronomic needs – ranging from appetizers to main courses and desserts.

The dishes we create are exclusively produced in our 15 in-house manufacturing locations in Germany. And they all have three things in common: exceptional quality, cost transparency and value for money. To stay innovative and on top of culinary trends, our master chefs craft over 800 new products in their development kitchen every year.

This constant renewal and creativity allow us to offer our customers diverse and high-quality culinary experiences while maintaining competitiveness in a rapidly changing market.


The Sander Group - your Partner for Food Solutions

Exceptional food. Creative concepts and ideas. And a deep understanding of your needs and the wishes of your guests. This is what Sander stands for. The Sander Group is the only full-service provider in the food service market. We create and produce meals in our very own and unique “Freshness Factory”. Moreover, we develop customized menus and gastronomic concepts for over 5,000 customers. Additionally, we take charge of strategic and operational kitchen processes. And upon request, we even manage entire service processes of restaurants.

Whatever you need – we are here to create a solution that is just right for you


Excellent value for money, high customer satisfaction, outstanding quality and great service – consistently meeting these important standards has led the “F.A.Z.-Institut”, a renowned German research institute, to recognize Sander for the third time in a row. This continuous recognition reflects Sander’s commitment to excellence in several key areas – the same areas that were emphasized in the study by the “SZ Institut” to be critical when it comes to customer satisfaction in the catering and food supply sector. Our success shows that a family business can not only meet but exceed customer expectations by maintaining high standards of quality, service and pricing.

Jens Sander & Peter Sander

“We are committed to tradition while also embracing the demands of the future. This is how we have been successful for 50 years.“


Managing Partners of the Sander Group

The Sander Group:

from Dream to Reality

Where it all started? Hans Peter and Ursula Sander founded the Sander Group as a small remote kitchen in Ney, Hunsrück in 1974. Since then, over the course of five decades, Sander has evolved into a leading food production and catering company in Germany, headquartered in Wiebelsheim near Koblenz. And thanks to our current leadership – second-generation trained chefs Jens Sander and Peter Sander – the organization has expanded beyond the German-speaking region into numerous countries of the European market.

Combining Tradition and Innovation: To meet the demands of an ever-evolving European market, Sander combines traditional German culinary art with innovative and fresh ideas. At the same time, sustainability and social responsibility build the core of our business philosophy – they are the basis of our leadership in the food industry.

Expansion in Europe: Outstanding quality and customer satisfaction: our ability to consistently fulfill these two very important aspects has helped us establish ourselves in various European countries. Furthermore, our adaptability to different regional needs and customer preferences has been essential in managing successful partnerships and projects across the continent. Great value for money, high customer satisfaction, exceptional quality and excellent service – based on these accomplishments, Sander was recognized by the F.A.Z.-Institut and the SZ Institut.

Recognized Quality and Service: We hold ourselves to the highest quality and service standards. Consequently, we have been recognized for excellent value for money and high customer satisfaction multiple times, including acknowledgements by the F.A.Z.-Institut.

Outlook on the Future: We are experts when it comes to German culinary traditions. At the same time, we are open-minded towards the diverse and exciting opportunities in the European market – Sander is well-positioned to continue its success story in additional European countries.

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Delivering tremendous results at our headquarters in Wiebelsheim and at more than 250 decentralized locations throughout Germany – day by day: our 1,400 employees build the core of our organization. They originate from 66 nations around the globe. And each of them plays a crucial role in achieving and exceeding our daily goals. They lay the foundation for our continuous expansion into the European market. Every. Single. Day.


Focusing on safety and sustainability, we create products and services that make people healthier and happier.



Sander Gourmet offers 2,500 fresh products for all gastronomic occasions, along with customized menus and buffets


Sander Care understands the requirements of its customers and can therefore get costs, quality, safety and documentation in line.


Sander Catering combines modern concepts with fresh cuisine and a high level of service


Sander Kanteenie tailors catering concepts to the needs of your institution and provides the best value for money.


Sander Hotel is known for the highest guest satisfaction and a feeling of “home away from home” – a place of relaxation and hospitality.

Sander Gourmet – The Freshness Factory

The Sander
Freshness Factory


– our Areas of Expertise

Fruits & Cereals

Starters & Fingerfood

Meat Dishes

Fresh Fish


Dressings & Dips

Soups & Stews

Vegetarian & Vegan Specialties

Sauces & Pestos

Pasta & Noodles

Potatoes, Dumplings, Rice & More


Specialized Nutritional Care in Healthcare Settings

Meal Trays

Delicatessen Salads


Cheese, Sausage & Egg

Fresh Flesh

Leh Halopack

It is important that people with chewing and swallowing disorders have access to special dietary options. To serve these people, we have collaborated with ABConcepts Verpflegungsmanagement mit System GmbH to develop the innovative nutritional concept “Optimahl-Vital”, offering a variety of pureed food components.

Want to know how we turn fresh
products into unique dishes?

"Thanks to the Sander products, we are able to prepare and serve over 450 dishes in our tiny 12-square-meter kitchen on a Saturday!“


Managing Director of Schokoladenmuseum Gastronomie GmbH, Cologne

"The number of participants has tripled and guest satisfaction has increased."


Head of Seminar- and Event-Management, Ökomed GmbH, Kassel

"The extensive range of services and flexibility convinced us."


Head of Seminar- and Event-Management, proWIN Akademie, Landsweiler-Reden

"Our food offerings are regularly rated by our students with smileys. We have 89 percent smiling smileys, and that's a great result."


Head of Care, Engelbert-Humperdinck-School, Frankfurt

"Especially in the areas of inventory management, surplus management, and of course in the various cost structures, we feel a significant positive change."


Procurement Manager Food & Beverage, Hotello Objektausstattungs GmbH, Bad Arolsen

To the Point -
Sous-Vide Cooking

We want our dishes to look good – and to taste even better! That is why sous-vide cooking is one of our core competences that we have perfected over decades. This technique is an integral part of our culinary philosophy: slowly cooking meat, fish, and vegetables in their own juices at low temperatures. It allows us to consistently achieve high quality results:

  • Preservation of Nutrients: Essential vitamins and nutrients are better preserved using this gentle cooking method.

  • Authentic Flavor: Each dish retains its natural taste.

  • Ideal Texture: All dish components are cooked until they have reached their ideal texture, resulting in an extraordinary taste experience.

The sous-vide cooking method helps us in meeting and exceeding the highest culinary standards and customer expectations – whether it’s in terms of taste, quality, or health consciousness.

Your Creative Partner
in the Kitchen



for the perfect result

The Sander products serve as an inspiring foundation for culinary creations and standards:

  • Flexible Presentation: Our varied high-quality products allow for all dishes to be created according to your own preferences – they enable you to unleash your creative culinary potential.

  • Individual Enhancements: Whether it’s a special topping or a unique sauce, our products are designed to seamlessly integrate into your own recipes and to give them an individual touch.

  • Unique Components: Our products add special accents to your dishes. Use them to highlight specific flavors, make dishes visually appealing and transform basic meals into true works of art.

Sander-Quick-And-Easy-Meal-Composition Sander-Quick-And-Easy-Meal-Composition

We take Responsibility


Guided by the principle of “Securing the Future through Sustainable Practices”, we have developed a sustainability and ethics code that shapes our daily operations. The following are the six pillars of sustainability at Sander:

1. People – with Passion & Values

As a family-owned organization, we are committed to taking social responsibility for our employees and their families. This includes both job security and the creation of new jobs. Our employees are our most valuable asset – they are the reason for our continuous international success.

2. Quality – with Know-How & Consistency

Each and every product we use and sell at Sander complies with the legal requirements of the EU food law and other national laws, regulations, and guidelines. Beyond that, we adhere to numerous self-initiated quality standards that we review on a regular basis. We also guarantee complete traceability: from raw materials to the finished product.

3. Food Production & Ethics – out of Respect & Mindfulness

Both quality and origin play an incredibly important role when it comes to the raw materials we use: We do not mix antibiotics into animal feed – they are only permitted under the supervision of a veterinarian for the treatment of specific diseases. Preventative medications in any other form are …

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